About Us

This is a brand new feature which has never been done before; it is a self-development interactive project for designers, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

The 'Novation Block City' (pictured) is a very special city and has been created using AutoCAD Architecture. The reason why NBCity is a very special city it's not only because it's a computer design, but also because it’s a ‘living city'. A living city in constant development, which you get to see it grow.


The NBCity is divided into blocks of: commercial, habitation and industrial. Each block represents a house and each house has a code (with an address) to be let to designers and professionals.

The city allows designers and professionals to: send a design; get a block; move in; advertise; interact with others; customize their own work; find work and receive real job requests in the 'real world'.


Anyone can apply and become a BLOCKER. If you are a talented designer, a professional or a worker and want to advertise your own services, get in touch.

'This is a great opportunity for you to show your true potential'


  • Having your own house 
  • Have your name in the city 
  • Have a street named after you 
  • Virtually 'live' in the city, with an address to it 
  • Get real job requests and advertise to the real world

If you want to know more please send us a message.